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Hatchleaf has developed a point-of-care solution, ProviderIQ, that utilizes clinical intelligence to analyze existing patient and provider data and map the strength of the match between patients and providers based on an industry-leading number of inputs.


Provider IQ...

  • Reduces unnecessary referrals and frustration, leading to improved clinical outcomes, financial outcomes, and both patient and provider satisfaction 

  • Reduces administrative labor for visit coordination & scheduling

  • Reduces health system leakage and fosters unified care delivery

  • Prioritizes appointments for high acuity and/or high value patients

  • Runs in the cloud outside the health system or practice without need to transfer protected health information (PHI)


ProviderIQ is built by doctors, for doctors at the time of patient encounter to ensure the best care and outcomes for both the patient and health system including the following key differentiators:

Patient-Provider Matching

Based on 10 points of clinical uniqueness (not just physician specialty and insurance), including diagnoses and co-morbidities


AI-mediated balancing of clinical risk stratification (“clinical triage”) with optimizing practice efficiency and financial outcomes (“financial triage”).

Real-Time Scheduling

Real-time schedule recommendations, including alternate options, provided in order to optimize patient visits and minimize rescheduling as well as identification of trends.

User Flexibility

User-optimized algorithm, rules engine, and interface to tailor to different health systems, in-grown system workflows, and user preferences

Continuous Improvement

Utilizes machine learning to continuously update the algorithm and refine the scores that indicate the strength of the match between provider and patient

Seamless Integration

ProviderIQ can be interfaced with practice management, scheduling, and billing systems to minimize process steps and provide superior analytics

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