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We are redefining how healthcare experts are identified, characterized, and matched to patients to transform the healthcare experience.

The problem

Inappropriate clinical referrals waste time and money for providers, patients, and practices.


Causes include:

  • Specialty does not equate to experience

  • Clinical data is not factored into making clinical match

  • Care referral appointments are often made by non-clinical staff

  • Lack of true customization to each patient

By the numbers...

Our solution

Our solution

Hatchleaf is leveraging the size and wealth of data from ever-growing large healthcare institutions in order to provide actionable, clinically meaningful connections to connect providers to patients. The data analytics have not been previously understood due to the depth of clinical knowledge that is required. Our clinically-focused team is uniquely poised to take advantage of this opportunity to create an intelligent solution for providers and patients to build a healthier future for everyone.

Our ProviderIQ technology is an industry-first, AI-driven recommendation engine that enables rapid and efficient patient-physician matching and triaging with unprecedented accuracy. Using datapoints about how each physician individually practices, their scheduling availabilities, and patient-specific variables from the EHR, our clinically-validated ProviderIQ can instantly recommend the best physician and scheduling option to achieve optimal clinical & financial outcomes for each patient encounter.

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